Lets go Cubs!

The Cubs are 9-9 on the season.  They open a 3 game series against the dodgers tomorrow.  I sure hope they can get a couple wins and win the series.  I’ve been to 6 Cubs games in my life.  I’ve caught 2 baseballs at Wrigley, one was from Angel Guzman a couple years ago, and the other was from a Marlins player last year.  I wish I could go to a lot more games, I love Wrigley, the only baseball event here where I live in Indiana is the Colt World series every august in which the best 15-16 year old teams in the world come to play here.  I’ve caught about 112 baseballs from this event.  I try to go to other minor league games whenever I can. 

Victory Field

On Saturday night I went to the Indianapolis Indians game against the Pawtucket Red Sox.  I got there around 5:40 and saw a ball on the warning track.  I walked around near the ball and a Indians  player that was jogging around tossed it up to me.  I was disappointed that Batting practice was already over by the time I got there.  After the game started I went for foul balls and 3rd out balls.  Somewhere in the middle of the game a Indians player tossed a 3rd out ball over the dugout and I caught it.  in the bottom of the 8th inning the Indians had a runner on 3rd with 2 outs and down 3-2.  The runner stole home on the pitch and scored.  After the 9th inning it was still tied and it started down pouring.  There was a hour and 13 minute rain delay and by the time it was over there were not very many people in the stands.  The outfield lawn was completely empty.  I was hoping to catch a game winning home run in extra innings but it never came.  The Indians won on a wild pitch in the bottom of the 13th.  The game ended at 12:11 Am.